Studio519 is an internationally published and exhibited photography studio. Regularly published in magazines, and editor and founder of FEMME MODERN magazine. Our work has also been selected for exhibition in NYC as part of the organization SeeMe.

Welcome to Waterloo Region's Premiere Boudoir Studio,

I founded Studio519 to be a fun, empowering, and therapeutic photographic experience for women and teen girls who want to know themselves with new insight - an insight that comes through a lens.

I know women and we view ourselves through critical eyes. I know all our flaws and the tricks we play that affect our self-esteem. In addition to being a professional photographer, I am also an accredited clinical therapist who has worked with women for more than 25 years. I want women to love themselves - body and soul - regardless of their history, their age, or their size.

As a former model, I know only too well the unrealistic expectations of how a woman is expected to look and I do not subscribe to that standard. REAL women come in all sizes.

It was through my love of photography that I picked up a camera, and , as I explored this art form, I learned how liberating and incredibly satisfying it can be. And I discovered that taking portraits of women, especially in a boudoir setting when they are most open and vulnerable, proved to be empowering and therapeutic.

I could combine my clinical skills and my art of photography to help women know themselves with new insight; I could help them heal and recover.

Many clients have shared how liberating and empowering the experience is and they return year after year to enjoy the fun and therapeutic benefits of boudoir and glamour photography. In addition to private sessions, I also offer self-esteem and body confidence focused workshops for women and teen girls which includes a photo session at the end of each workshop. Please look around and I hope you will decide to have your own session or plan a girls' event with us.

I look forward to working with you.


Corrine Ament 

I know what beautiful looks like.I can find it in every woman.jpg